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CCeramic Pro Paint Protection Film represents the next evolution in automotive surface protection, setting a new standard for durability and longevity in paint protection films for cars.

Unrivaled Protection

Introducing Ceramic Pro Paint Protection Film, a revolutionary solution designed to provide maximum protection with zero compromises for your vehicle. With our new cutting-edge top coat technology, our film sets a new standard for durability, ensuring that your vehicle maintains its pristine appearance for years to come.

Developed and Tested in the USA

Ceramic Pro Paint Protection Film is engineered to excel in all terrains and weather conditions. Whether you’re navigating urban streets or cruising along highways, our film offers unparalleled protection for your vehicle’s exterior.

Drive with Confidence

What Sets Our Paint Protection Film Apart?

Ceramic Pro PPF provides superior protection from rock chips, road debris, and scratches. Our top coat technology is highly stain-resistant meaning it will maintain clarity ensuring that your vehicle’s paint remains flawless, no matter the driving conditions. Experience the ultimate shield for your vehicle with Ceramic Pro Paint Protection Film. Engineered with precision and backed by extensive testing, our film offers unrivaled durability and performance, making it the ideal choice.

Superior Top Coat Technology

Ceramic Pro Paint Protection Film represents the pinnacle of automotive surface protection, engineered by industry pioneers in nano-ceramic technology. Crafted with cutting-edge top coat advancements, this revolutionary film delivers unparalleled resistance against staining, ensuring your vehicle maintains its pristine appearance for years to come. Designed to shield against the rigors of daily driving, from menacing rock chips to unsightly discoloration, Ceramic Pro PPF offers a line of defense that goes beyond traditional films. With its superior durability and aesthetic preservation capabilities, Ceramic Pro PPF stands as the ultimate solution for those who demand nothing but the best in automotive protection.


Paint Protection Film Packages

Ceramic Pro Wilkes Barre Bumper & Headlights


Ceramic Pro Wilkes Barre Partial Front Kit


Ceramic Pro Wilkes Barre Full Front Kit


Ceramic Pro Wilkes Barre Full Car


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The Epitome of Durability

What sets Ceramic Pro Paint Protection Film apart is its innovative top coat technology, which forms a resilient barrier against scratches, swirl marks, stains, and environmental contaminants. This durable protective layer not only preserves the aesthetic appeal of your vehicle but also enhances its longevity and resale value.

Partnered with CARFAX to Protect Vehicle Values: documented on your vehicle’s CARFAX Appearance Protection Service Reporting.

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